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Piximate design Piximate design

The Challenge


Piximate is a photo sharing solution for individuals and businesses, with many unique features. Our objective was to create a cohesive and easy to use experience across devices to varying user personas, each with their unique needs.

  • We worked to improve brand consistency across devices including iOS and Android phones alongside desktops.
  • Face detection is one of the unique features we worked on, tweaking the user experience to make it intuitive.

What we Did

  • Wireframing iconWireframing
  • Repsonsive web design iconRepsonsive Web Design
  • Branding and Graphic Design iconBranding & Graphic Design


Piximate app wireframes

App Design


Website Design

Face detection design

Face detection

One of the more difficult challenges faced was creating a simple and elegant solution to how face detection works on the Piximate Pro platform. A few different iterations were sketched before being tested with a handful of users. A few amendments were made before we got to the final solution that works well and was easy enough for the target audience to use, where some might not be familiar with other photography portals.

Homepage Web Design
Film Details web page
Logged in web page
Video Player web page
Watchlist web page
Watchlist web page
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