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The challenge


Pintalk came to us with rough wireframes already produced for an app idea they had, but lacked focus on the larger picture and how users could interact with the app.

  • Originally the concept for the app was confused between the founders, with lots of ideas flowing but no main focus. We helped Pintalk to clearly define what the app’s primary function is, what it does and does not do, removing unnecessary complications.
  • Improving on wireframes provided by the client to enhance the user experience and flow, making the chat the centre of attention.
  • Branding was also not finalised when Pintalk asked us to help with the app. We helped build brand guidelines including an inviting colour scheme, playful illustrations and typography to bring Pintalk to life and consistent.
Pintalk App design

I couldn’t be more pleased with Studio Duo’s work. They were able to come up on time with a design that perfectly matched my vision. Very skilled and talented designer, I highly recommend!

Antoine Berton



Filson Soft

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App design

Location based conversations

Find out what is going on nearby, or search for your favourite destinations to see what is being said. This is a great way to find out how long the queue is for the ticket office, or how many steps there are before your ascent up the tower.

Eiff Eiffel tower Eiffel tower cafe Eiffel tower meetup Eiffel tower design & and Pintalk App Design
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Event details

Events are also shown on the map. You can see which of your friends are going to be there, look at event details and get tickets. A group conversation with all Pintalk users attending or interested in the event is also available so you can keep informed of any event updates or changes, or ask any questions before you get there.

Messaging ...

The purpose of the app is about connecting with real people around you, and discovering cool local landmarks and events. Found a perfect bar you think your friend might like? You can share that place with them directly through the app where they will be able to view photos, menu prices and more.

Messages Lucy Williams Kevin Robertson Did you want to? Nellie Brent Yes let’s do it! I’m totally in fo Racheal Abbott Maybe Nellie would want to Cole Harrington No way! When? John Houston Fancy going here? Message Request Pintalk App Design
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