The Challenge


Eden Stell has released several albums, and have performed all over the world. A new album celebrating their 25th anniversary was needed.

  • Branding was a large part of this project, and needed to be consistent across several printed collateral we produced for Eden Stell. This includes the main packaging, CD case, anniversary booklet, ticket holder & ticket and a promo video.
  • Eden Stell wanted people to purchase the album as a physical copy instead of being streamed on services such as Spotify. We achieved this by providing a special anniversary booklet not available online and making the packaging unique and attractive fitting the playful branding.
  • Photography was provided to us, and photo-editing was carried out to get the best out of the images and to keep consistency.
CD Case



Large black and white photography is used with a mixture of resolute close-ups and wide shots. Strong contrast is used with dark blacks and bright whites resulting in an impactful photograph with a sophisticated and bold look. Juxtaposed with the playful colours and triangles, the disparity creates a unique look/brand.

Main colours

The main colours are blue, green and orange. Each colour has four different shades to create depth and contrast in the patterns used throughout the branding.

Secondary colours

These colours are used to help blend the main colours together where the triangles are arranged in a way that the main colour bleeds into one another.

Triangular patterns

The triangles can either be organised and structured, such as the inside of the CD case, or more haphazard and abstract to create visual tension such as the back of the CD Packaging


CD Packaging


CD Case

The CD case is simple on the outside with bold photography, while the inside contains a triangular pattern. The CD Net was created with tabs which would be glued and attached on the opposite side to the pattern. The pattern on the front of the tab ensures it remains inconspicuous. If left white they would be clearly visible and ruin the pattern inside.


Anniversary booklet

The anniversary booklet contains a bit of background to the pair and some information about their inspiration. The cover and back were printed on 350gsm card to give a more premium feel and the inside pages printed on lighter 120gsm paper to help keep the booklet lay flat on a table and in the CD packaging itself.


Ticket Holder & Tickets

The front of the holder is folded over on the reverse, making the holder twice as thick, and allows for insert cuts for the ticket to be inserted.

Bleed marks, showing where to cut

The triangle is folded over and inserts through a slot at the front of the ticket holder to hold it together and so it lies flat.

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