28 May, 2018 Branding, Graphic Design

Can you spot the hidden message in our logo?

Branding is a critical part of a companies identity. You probably already know that many brand logos have hidden messages attached to them by using colour, shape or negative space. Sometimes they can be quite obvious, other times they require a little more focus to spot.

The story behind our logo

Studio Duo was founded by twin brothers; Sonny who focuses on design, and Dougie a photographer. Collaboration between the founders and our awesome clients is something we wanted to convey in our logo. Within our logo is the letter ‘S’ and the letter ‘D’ as the letters are the first letters in our names (Sonny & Dougie), but also the initials of our brand (Studio Duo) – It’s Studio Duo and you. Taking it one step further, the letters have been shaped into an ampersand (&) because both of us work together directly alongside clients to create brands with truly bespoke branding, websites, apps and photography fit for their needs. This has resulted in an original symbol we use for our logo, and throughout our branding.


The hidden message – Initials and an ampersand

Other brands with hidden messages in the logo

Here are a few example logos containing hidden secrets, including the Museum of London, which Sonny helped design the award-winning website, with another designer, before creating Studio Duo.

Museum of London
Museum of London logo

Behind the logotype, the eye catching colours and shapes represent the geographical area of London as it expanded throughout history.


Amazon Logo

The yellow underline in the Amazon logo points from ‘A’ to ‘Z’ illustrating the large variety of products on offer. This underline also looks like a smile to represent the high customer satisfaction.

Shelter Logo

The charity strives towards ending homelessness and help put a roof over people’s heads. The h in the logotype has been tweaked slightly to look like a house.

LG Logo

The letters of the brand take the shape of a face with the ‘L’ being the nose, and the ‘G’ forming the face.

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